Katy Jones: The Professionals of Isuzu

My Bertie is a 'trooper' Of that I can assure,
He is my faithful buddy, I couldn't ask for more.

We've had some fun and laughter, some minor troubles too,
If he ever has to leave me, I'll be gutted thru and thru.

He was born way back in '93, a handsome, tough big car,
And this is why I love him, He'll soon be 23 yee ha!

But don't you peeps get tempted, I'll have to let you down,
Bertie's not for sale, he's Isuzu's jewel in the crown.

Profession: Other
Website: www.beaverwaterworld.com
Location: Caterham, Surrey
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu Trooper

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