In loco parentis policy

In Dealership

The care of learners on the premises of their employer is the responsibility of the employer. Babcock will support this in the following ways:-

  • All employers will have a health and safety check carried out by a member of staff to make sure that the environment meets appropriate standards for trainees.
  • Each time a review is carried out by the trainee's Network Vocational Coach, issues surrounding health and safety will be discussed. Employers are required to notify Babcock of any incidents/accidents involving the trainer, and Babcock will ensure that necessary investigations are carried out and that appropriate bodies are informed.
  • Network Vocational Coaches will encourage all companies to exercise positive pastoral care in the support and development of their apprentices.
  • Network Vocational Coaches all receive training in Equality and Diversity during induction and have the authority to deal with any issues of unfair treatment that may affect the ability of the trainee to complete their programme.
  • Bullying and harassment in companies will not be tolerated, and apprenticeship programme staff will challenge and deal with any such incidents.