In loco parentis Policy

In residential accommodation

  • All hotels used to provide residential accommodation for apprentices during off the job training are selected using a standard check list of minimum requirements, aimed at securing comfortable and safe arrangements.
  • Although the apprenticeship programme will not normally have staff in attendance at the hotel, each hotel has contact numbers for the Vocational Coaches and Programme Manager, and will contact the programme in the event of an emergency. In addition, the hotels will keep individual details as the apprentices check in.
  • All trainees will have a contact number for their Vocational Coach, who has responsibility for their pastoral care during training blocks.
  • All trainees are given clear guidance as to standards of acceptable behaviour whilst in residential accommodation.
  • Trainees under the age of 18 will not be served alcohol in the hotel bar, and alcohol is not permitted in hotel rooms.
  • The programme will immediately send home any traines found in possession of drugs in residential accommodation. If this is necessary, then the trainee's parents and company are informed immediately.
  • Parents are immediately informed of any situations during residential training that we deem should be the concern of a responsible parent.
  • Where trainees are travelling by train or coach, the apprenticeship programme will arrange transport to the train/bus station.
  • In the event of illness during residential training, the hotel, along with the programme staff, will ensure that appropriate medical treatment is sought.
  • Trainees are asked to provided feedback on their hotel accommodation; this is evaluated and changes made where necessary.