Following the cancellation of this year's Commercial Vehicle Show, Isuzu UK is hosting its very own virtual show - the Isuzu 3V Show. Vehicles and Videos, Virtually.

Recorded at Isuzu UK headquarters, the event gives viewers an insight into the company’s innovative approach to developing solutions that meet the demands of its customers, whether this is for lifestyle, leisure or commercial purposes. It also demonstrates just how adaptable the D-Max platform can be as a base for conversions.

As the name suggests, Isuzu will present three vehicles that showcase an exciting selection of recent projects and new product offerings in the D-Max range.

First of all is the D-Max GO2, a special build project that has been customised to show just how easily a D-Max can be converted into an extreme off-roader. It’s been developed to take on the most inhospitable terrain and has had some extensive work done using Isuzu accessories and other aftermarket parts. This is the definition of a ‘go anywhere, do anything’ pick-up and should definitely give viewers some inspiration for what they can achieve in their own D-Max.

Next up will be the XTR Colour Edition. Launched at last year’s CV Show, XTR is the most sophisticated and authentically capable pick-up in the D-Max range. It was originally developed for off-road enthusiasts and drivers who want a vehicle to complement their lifestyle, so this year, Isuzu have enhanced it even further with the striking XTR Colour Edition. XTR’s assertive styling has been given an extra twist with a colour coded body kit and green Isuzu badge to refresh the look. Plus, it retains those fantastic off-road credentials that make it ‘Capable in the Extreme’.

Finally, for the more commercial customer, Isuzu has developed a tipper conversion based on the Utility Extended Cab. It combines all the essential workhorse attributes of the D-Max Utility with the practicality of a durable and lightweight tipper body. The tipper conversion really is a cost-effective solution for operators who require a tough and reliable tipper, with great off-road capabilities, and is another example of how Isuzu are always looking at ways they can diversify their product portfolio to meet the demands of their customers.

William Brown, Managing Director at Isuzu UK remarked: “We’re delighted to be hosting the Isuzu 3V Show to present our most recent projects. We put a huge amount of effort into creating products that address the needs our customers and these three trucks showcase just how capable, practical and reliable the D-Max is in all environments. The 3V Show is our first online event and we are very excited to engage and interact with customers in this way and to share with them the bespoke solutions that we can tailor to individual requirements”.

You can view the full 3v show here.