Alistair Parsons: The Professionals of Isuzu

Why an Isuzu? For a 22-year-old it may seem like a strange choice, but it suits my lifestyle perfectly. I spend most of my weekends throughout the summer attending steam rallies all over the South West. This means I travel many miles to get there, sometimes getting through muddy fields with a trailer as it's my base for the weekend. The Truckman canopy holds everything!

I'm now on my second Isuzu D-Max, I've customised my Utah with lots of toys! I chose Isuzu purely because of my local dealership. They're friendly, helpful and always keep me updated on the latest Isuzu news. My favourite accessory has to be the LED Lazer lights, they're perfect on those dark nights.

The thing that's impressed me the most about my Utah is the pulling power. As I've described, it manages to move a full sized steam traction engine around the yard with ease, and with more control than using a tractor.

Whilst on the road, I get the comfort of a car with very good climate control. Whilst when I'm getting through the muddy fields, I get the power of a 4x4. I cover over 1000 miles a month, and it's never missed a beat. It's the perfect all-rounder!

Would I recommend an Isuzu D-Max to anyone? The simple answer is yes, not only because of their helpful dealerships, but the constantly excellent performance on the road and through muddy fields.

Profession: Tradesperson
Location: Devon
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Utah Double Cab

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