David Henderson: The Professionals of Isuzu

After a difficult 2015 for myself during which sadly both my parents and my brother passed away, I had found some emotional comfort in running my 5” gauge steam locomotive at our local club, TSMEE, on Tyneside. The club do public running days once a month, which are very popular with local families, and I found these a great pick me up, it’s difficult to feel sorry for yourself surrounded by lots of happy, smiling, excited faces. The public running is done on a larger 7.25” gauge track and wanting to be more involved I duly acquired what is possibly the largest 7.25” gauge locomotive in the North East, it weighs in at around 450lbs!

There was one problem; to get it to and from the club I was reliant on my youngest son making a 100 mile round trip from Carlisle with his van and whilst he was happy to do so this scenario couldn’t go on forever, so I began to look around for something suitable.

The engine and tender were too big for any estate car or SUV. I didn’t want a van nor did I have the room or really want a trailer, and whatever I chose would be replacing our second car so had to be family friendly. A search of the web showed me that the stand out vehicle that met all my requirements was an Isuzu D-MAX Yukon.

A visit to my local Isuzu dealership, MT Vehicles at Blaydon on Tyneside, followed. I really can’t praise them highly enough, especially Colin Ebdale who I principally dealt with.

The Yukon has surpassed all my expectations. It is no noisier than my old SUV, it is easy to drive with ample power, handles well and has so much room inside. The engine and tender fit on the bed as if it had been made to measure, and the grandkids love it! I can’t think of a single negative.

Best of all last weekend we ran trains for the public on both days and mine wasn’t the only face with a big grin on it thanks to the capabilities of the Isuzu D-Max Yukon. So you could add this to your FAQ section – yes you can get a working steam locomotive and tender on the bed of an Isuzu Yukon DC!

Profession: Sports & Recreation
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Yukon Double Cab

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