Arnie Pamment: The Professionals of Isuzu

I bought my Isuzu D-Max Yukon in March of this year ! It's the best truck on the market!

What is so great about it? It looks good, drives good, tows good and is good on fuel for a truck, so good! I use it for everything too! I use it at work to get to all the yards I shoe at and I use it at weekend to tow my girlfriend's horse or my American race car.

In short, my Isuzu D-Max is smart, professional and fun. Lots of my friends have them and even my customers want them!

Profession: Farming/Agriculture
Company Name: Arnie Pamment Farriery
Location: Wisbech / Peterborough
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Yukon Double Cab

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