Phillip Robinson: The Professionals of Isuzu

I bought my first Isuzu 8 years ago, an Isuzu D-Max Yukon, and haven't looked back! I loved the size, price and off-road capabilities!

Why did I go for it? It's reliability first of all, it's also nice to drive on a daily basis as I use it for both work and leisure.

An exciting Isuzu D-Max experience? I have driven in the snow up to the top car park at the back of Ben Nevis with my Yukon! My Isuzu pick-up is awesome,reliable and driveable, and that's just in 3 words.

I also love my added extras, I went for the mountain top back and the Cooper at3 tyres and tow ball.

Profession: Farming/Agriculture
Location: Glasgow
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Yukon Double Cab

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