Jeff McKnight: The Professionals of Isuzu

Having previously owned and loved an Isuzu Rodeo Denver Max, which I had reliably and safely driven to Eastern Europe on a frequent basis, there was only one choice to replace it, another Isuzu. This time I opted for a white Isuzu D-Max Blade. The Canopy allowed me to safely transport my prized Golden Eagles on their hunting and training trips from Southern Scotland to the Czech republic, Lloyds fitted a power outlet to the canopy, allowing for a fan to keep the birds comfortable.

I wanted a Navigation system which the Isuzu D-Max Blade offered, the Bluetooth connectivity and the high spec audio was a bonus.

I spend hours and hours behind the wheel of my Isuzu D-Max Blade, so comfort is paramount. The roads in the Czech republic are often way worse than in the UK, and being faced with off-road driving conditions whilst on hunting and training trips means the vehicle has to cope with all manners of roads.

I have had my Isuzu D-Max Blade for just over one year and have covered 28,000 miles travelling back and forth.

Profession: Sports & Recreation
Location: Glentrool, Newton Stewart
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Blade

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