David Fraser: The Professionals of Isuzu

Living up in Aberdeenshire in a rural location, the Isuzu D­Max ticks all the boxes for me as my daily runabout. From commuting to my office in Aberdeen to delivering and collecting my 2.8 tonne mini digger from jobs and various other plants, it’s so versatile due to its 3.5 tonne towing capacity. It is also quite at home doing the school run and the odd shopping trip.

Changing from a Toyota Hilux (as they can't tow 3.5 tonnes legally), I find the Isuzu D­Max to be really fuel efficient so it doesn't break the bank every time you have to fill up the tank. It also tows the max 3.5 tonne permissible load with little trouble, although you know it's there!

Being a volunteer with COTAG 4x4 response, the Isuzu really comes into its own for me. From training days which involve a lot of off­road driving, wading, muddy tracks and snow ­covered roads, to being called out on active duty by the emergency services which could involve any of the above. Having fitted a 3" lift kit and a Safari snorkel the Isuzu D­Max proved invaluable a few weeks ago during storm Frank. Aberdeenshire was particularly badly hit with severe flooding and we were called out on active duty to assist with evacuations. We patrolled flooded roads and hauled loads of supplies donated by the public to strategic drop off points where many residents had lost everything, compounded by the fact that there was no power or running water. The Isuzu D­Max also waded through deep water to rescue stranded vehicles and their owners to tow them to safety; they were extremely grateful. Heavily rutted roads that had been washed out were sometimes the only option to get from A to B, and again the Isuzu D­Max took everything in its stride.

If rain wasn't enough to worry about, heavy snow also meant articulated lorries and cars had to be towed to safety on some of the higher routes, and the Isuzu D­Max again handled all that was thrown at it, with its great 4­wheel drive system and electronic traction control. I don't think I could ask for a more versatile vehicle for my lifestyle and the Isuzu D­Max is certainly at home in our family.

Profession: Other
Website: www.cotag.net
Location: Aberdeenshire
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Utah Double Cab

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