Bruce Wilson: The Professionals of Isuzu

Back in 2002, I was running an old Land Rover (for work) and a Vauxhall Nova (for pleasure.) The time had come for a change and I decided to only run one vehicle. A crew cab pick up was what I was looking at. I wanted something that would last a long time and put up with going off-road.

Initially, I was looking at secondhand pick­ups but all I could find were ones that had had most of their life! I came across an importer of the Isuzu TF pickup. I decided to go ahead and buy one, unseen and I had never driven one before as I had good faith in Isuzu. This was a cracking pickup! Very rarely let me down! I owned it for 10 years and it was only in the last 2yrs of owning it where it cost me more. Saying that, as an average over the 10yrs of ownership, it cost very little to own. In 10 years, I never had to fit any brake pipes! It was a 52plate and I sold it on to a customer of mine and it is still going strong!

I never considered any other brand to replace it. It had to be the Isuzu D­Max! Quite a few of my customers run Isuzu's and love them. I loved my old TF and quite like my brothers 58plate Rodeo.

I did some research and found that the Fury had been brought out. My L200 was red and my company colour is red so it had to be the Fury! I visited Maple Garage in Sproatley, knowing that a lot of my customers use them and no one can recommend them enough! I was welcomed to have a demo vehicle for a few days to find out if I liked it and if it did my job. Safe to say, it did! I sat down with the salesman and we looked at spec and between us, we came up with what I bought! Black leather, sat nav, fitted cruise control, rear canopy, black roof bars on the pick­up and canopy, tow bar (13pin electrics) and BF Goodrich all­terrain tyres. With my pickup being the first Fury in my area, I've had lots of compliments about it. I love driving it and love the way it looks!

I picked up my Fury on the 13th November 2015 and in 2 1/2 months I've covered nearly 4000 miles! I just love driving it!! Every time I look at it and drive it, it makes me smile! The people that have ridden in the backseats (one round trip of 200miles and one round trip of 300miles) all say how comfy it is and how much room there is. The front is also comfy!

Maple Garage are fantastic to deal with! Nothing is ever a problem and they are good on price. To me, backup and service after purchase is very important! I'm looking forward to many happy years in my Isuzu D­Max Fury!

Profession: Farming/Agriculture
Location: Malton, Yorkshire
Isuzu Driven: Isuzu D-Max Fury

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