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Keep your Isuzu running at top performance by getting your breaks and suspension checked for just £39.99

A Isuzu Brake and Suspension check leaves nothing to chance when carried out by our factory trained technicians that have access to the very latest tools and diagnostic equipment. The check covers all components essential to the smooth operation of the Brake and Suspension system including bushes and assembly parts.

During the check, our factory trained technicians will identify any immediate work required. Following the check, you will be advised of any work that is required to make your vehicle safe and no work will be carried out without your permission.

This is a no obligation check, so you can decide when you would like the work to be carried out.

A Brake and Suspension Check is recommended if you experience any of the following while driving your Isuzu:

• Noises coming from front and or rear of
the vehicle
• Vibrations or shudders emanating through steering wheel
or brake pedal
• Noticeably reduced braking performance and taking
longer to stop
• Pulling to one side under braking
• Brake pedal has a soft or hard feeling
• Uneven or excessive tyre wear
• Vehicle pulling to one side while driving
• Steering not in central position when driving
in a straight line
• Uncomfortable ride

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