In Car Technology

Few can have predicted the incredible advances made in the realm of In Car Entertainment and technology in recent years, with much of the hardware that we now take for granted having been decidedly high-end just a few years previously. Isuzus are known for their generous levels of standard kit fresh off the line, but if you're after something a little more special then our accessories division boasts an impressive portfolio of OE-approved entertainment solutions. These are some of our favourites.

Pioneer Multimedia and Sat Nav Kits

Almost certainly all the in car audio-visual technology you'll ever need, our Pioneer Sat Nav Kits demonstrate just how far the world of In Car Entertainment has come. The USB connection at its heart allows for simple connection to smartphones, in turn meaning that MirrorLink can be used to stream music or, when safe to do so, video. It's able to connect to your phone using the AVICSYNC app and can therefore be used to monitor and display travel and weather updates, with regular updates to ensure that you're always working to the very latest data. The built in multi-touch screen displays travel information (and everything else) in a crisp and clear manner.

Pioneer Rear View Camera (for use with Pioneer Sat Nav)

Parking is an aspect of driving that's becoming increasingly tricky as the years roll by and our roads become even fuller. Obviously there's no substitute for paying due care and attention to the automotive comings and goings around you, but there's also no doubt that the this rear view camera from Pioneer makes getting into tight spots that much easier. The camera is designed to work with our Pioneer Sat Nav Kits, featuring a high sensitivity lens with a sight line of 135 degrees and an embedded chip which automatically adjust brightness in light or dark driving conditions. The image displayed on your in-car screen is both clear and sharp, while the 320,000 pixels CMOS sensor is accurate and eliminates “smear” (white streaks when direct sunlight enters the camera) Speak to your local Isuzu dealer about fitment options:

Single 12v Socket

This neat socket allows you to make even more use of your D-Max's load area. Easy to install and fitting neatly and subtly into the flat bed, the socket can be used to power any accessory that requires a 12v power socket, making it an incredibly useful addition to any family holiday, adventure or camping trip.

4GEE WiFi Hub

A recent addition to our ever expanding range, the all new 4GEE WiFi hub is actually an EE product but one that's been perfectly optimised to work within the Isuzu model range. The hub allows any car to be converted into a mobile WiFi hotspot, meaning that all passengers can stream films, listen to music and surf the internet to their hearts content. The potential peace and quiet benefits are clear to see, and the square-box type design means that the hub can easily be tucked away out of sight from prying eyes and sticky fingers – both literal and metaphorical. It features a built in battery that can be recharged by any USB socket in a PC or in a vehicle.

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