Protective Coating

Isuzu UK present Raptor Protective Coating

For New And Used Isuzu D-Max Pickups

Developed to be hard wearing and able to shrug off impacts from bulky, heavy loads, Raptor is now available via the Isuzu dealer network to owners of used and brand new Isuzu D-Max trucks. A tough and tintable protective coating that's resistant to scratches and mechanical damage, Raptor is even hard enough to withstand the kind of chemical damage that can arise from petroleum and hydraulic oil spillages, animal waste and urine, salt water, rain and pretty much anything else you care to mention.

Raptor is simple to apply and quick to dry, meaning that it's eminently suitable for all generations of Isuzu D-Max pickup, both new and second hand. Tough, long-lasting and dependable, U-POL Raptor looks set to be the next big thing in the world of Pick-Up truck flat-bed protection.


Used on a multitude of surfaces and can be tinted to match your chosen colour with a choice of either smooth or textured finish.


Raptor's durable, resistant and hardwearing coating provides year long protection for your pick-up and flatbed


Add the wheel arch armour kit to protect your wheel arches and sills to give your pick-up a rugged look.


Provides a water tight seal, keeping moisture and water out whilst protecting new surfaces against rust.


Your pick-up is a workhorse and with Raptor extra protection you can be reassured it can tackle anything and everything.


Highly durable coating that protects against rust corrosion, animal urine, salt water, extreme temperatures and everyday off-road use.

This protective coating isn't just available for a brand new Isuzu, it can also protect your used pick-up from any new scratches and mechanical damage.

Don’t miss out, book your pick-up in today for the most hard wearing protection on the market!

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