Isuzu accessories

Wireless Phone Charger

Simple to use, you can just place your phone on the Charging Pad and wait for the LED indicator to light up – the Wireless Pad uses induction technology to charge your phone.

Working just as hard as your usual charger.

Designed to keep your phone securely in place, the Charging Pad features a soft, smooth finish with high-friction material to grip your phone to prevent it slipping.

Located in the glovebox so the temptation is not there to use your phone while driving.


Product Code: IACC2609

Supplied and fitted at your local dealer (fitted price excludes VAT)

Available for:

  • 4x2 Single Cab
  • 4x4 Single Cab
  • Extended Cab
  • Double Cab
  • Eiger
  • Yukon
  • Utah
  • Blade
  • Yukon Extended
  • AT35