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Lazer Kit 3

Lazer Kit 3 is a complete kit of ST4 & ST8 Lamps:

ST4 Lazer Lamp Kit, The ST4 is our most versatile lamp. For such a compact and low profile design the ST4 certainly delivers on performance.Fits perfect either on the front bumper or behind the front bumper grille.

The ST-8 is a world class high performance lighting product, that is built to last.These are recommended for sports bar mount only.


Product Code: LAZER KIT 3

Supplied and fitted at your local dealer (fitted price excludes VAT)

Available for:

  • 4x2 Single Cab
  • 4x4 Single Cab
  • Extended Cab
  • Double Cab
  • Eiger
  • Yukon
  • Utah
  • Blade
  • Yukon Extended
  • AT35