Summer months brings with it soaring temperatures and great weather for outdoor adventures. Ensure you and your Isuzu experience the joys of summer with our Free* summer health check available at your local Isuzu dealer. We can help get you ready for your summer by checking the oil and coolant fluid levels under the relevant caps located in your engine bay, this will ensure your engine is protected from any unnecessary wear and tear and prevent overheating. Tyres pressures and condition will be checked, this is essential to your safety and can help maintain good fuel economy, which is ideal for those long summer road trips. We’ll also check the operation of your lights and the condition of your wipers and screen wash. Should anything need replacing and for peace of mind, will only be done once we have the go ahead from you. No summer road trip is complete without a comfort stop or two along the way, and because of this, we will check the condition of braking components too, let our Isuzu factory trained technicians take the strain of the checks so you can just sit back, put the radio on and enjoy your summer adventures.

* At participating dealers

Let us take care of your vehicle and get you ready for your summer adventures