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How do I request a Certificate of Conformity (COC)?

Please request a COC using the case management system.

Why should I choose genuine Isuzu service?

Your local Isuzu dealer has invested a great deal of resources into looking after your Isuzu vehicle. Authorised Isuzu dealers and Authorised Service outlets are the only servicing outlets to have the specific tools, equipment and electronic media to be able to support Isuzu vehicles.

Your authorised dealer also has available to them, Manufacturer training and direct contact to Isuzu UK‘s Technical Support personnel. All of this provides peace of mind motoring. All genuine parts supplied by Isuzu UK and fitted by an Isuzu dealer, excluding wear and tear and service items also benefit from a 3 year, 60,000 mile parts and labour warranty.

If I service my vehicle with an independent service centre will this affect my warranty?

No, servicing your vehicle at a non-Isuzu approved service outlet will not adversely affect the warranty on your Isuzu. However, the maintenance must be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the service parts used must be of equal quality to original components and fluids.

The replacement parts and fluids MUST comply with the specifications as shown in your owners and drivers manual. Any failure of genuine components found to be caused by non-genuine parts is not covered under warranty.

How often do I have to service my Isuzu?

All service schedules are printed in your service and maintenance book. Please ensure that your servicing is carried out in line with the servicing as stated in your service and maintenance book as failure to do so can invalidate your warranty.

In addition to regular servicing, some extra items may require attention depending on operation and usage, please refer to ‘severe driving conditions’ as found in your service and warranty booklet.

What type of oil should I use?

This commonly asked question can be answered by locating the ‘service and maintenance’ section within the owners and drivers manual. This section lists the required lubricants and types suitable for Isuzu vehicles. If your vehicle does not have an owners and drivers manual, you can purchase one from your nearest Isuzu Dealer.

Is my clutch wear covered under warranty?

A drive plate (also known as a clutch disc) has a friction material surface very similar to brake pads. These friction materials will wear under normal driving conditions and are considered a consumable item.

What Should I do if I have a warrantable concern?

To obtain warranty repairs, take the vehicle to an authorised Isuzu dealer within the warranty period, present suitable identification to verify and request the needed repairs or adjustments.

My warranty has expired but I would like to request some ‘Good Will’ from Isuzu UK.

In all circumstances you will need to present the vehicle to an Isuzu dealer with all supporting documentation such as service history and parts invoices if you have them. You will be required to authorise them to investigate the cause of your concern. If your claim for ‘good will’ is denied the cost of diagnosis and or repairs will be chargeable to you.

Isuzu Alternative Dispute Process

We pride ourselves in customer care and will aim to do whatever is reasonably possible to resolve an issue. In the first instance always speak to your Dealer. If you have not managed to get resolve at your Dealer, please visit Customer support and register a case. 

In extreme (and unlikely) situations, if you’re unhappy with the way in which Isuzu UK has resolved your issue, you can opt to consult The Motor Ombudsman, as we abide by the Motor Industry New Car Code of Practice.


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