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I think there’s a problem with my vehicle. Who should I contact first?

Your local authorised Isuzu dealer is the first stop for any questions or concerns about your Isuzu, including product recall and campaign information.

I have an issue with my vehicle or a particular dealership. Who should I contact?

If it relates to the servicing or maintenance of a vehicle, you should discuss the matter with the Service Manager of the dealership. If your issue relates to a vehicle sale, then you should speak to the dealership’s Sales Manager. If you can’t resolve matters after speaking to either the Service or Sales Managers at the dealership, you should discuss your concerns with the Dealer Principal. If the Dealer Principal proves unable to help, please contact Isuzu UK by registering a case.

Why should I register a case?

Putting your request or problems in writing lets you tell us exactly what you wish to resolve and what you would like us to do. It also allows us the time to investigate properly. We endeavour to reply to all cases within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends whilst we are closed.

Who can I speak to for technical support?

In all cases your local Isuzu dealer is the best source for advice and parts supply. All our dealers are technical experts and will be able to assist you. Click here to find your nearest Isuzu dealer.

Can I use Bio-Diesel in my Isuzu?

No. Isuzu only recommend diesel that meets European standard EN590. Fuel that does not meet this standard can cause injector damage, oil dilution and on the D-Max with the Euro 5 engine it could cause DPF problems, oil dilution and frequent fuel filter issues.

What gear should I tow in?

As towing requirements and conditions can vary significantly there is no right or wrong answer although the recommendation is to choose a gear that maintains optimum torque while not compromising fuel economy. The gear selection should be made to keep the engine RPM between 1800rpm and 2500rpm, this way the engine is not ‘over revving’ but maintains peak torque output. When pulling away, do not over use or consistently slip the clutch.

Is my vehicle eligible for the 3.5 tonne upgrade?

To find out if your vehicle is eligible to tow 3.5 tonnes please contact your dealer who will be able to advise you.

What level of breakdown assistance do I have and what is the Assistance Breakdown telephone number?

The Isuzu D-Max has full UK breakdown cover including local recovery, roadside and home assistance and will also include European Breakdown Cover* for 5 years from the date of registration. Should you require assistance please telephone 0800 777 167.

Should you require assistance please telephone 0800 777 167. If you plan on travelling abroad with your Isuzu vehicle we have negotiated a fantastic 30% discount for you on AA European Breakdown Cover*. To obtain European cover please ring 0800 107 2104 quoting discount code LM09.

*Terms and conditions apply

How do I change my address, Change the private registration number or register as a new keeper with Isuzu UK and Isuzu Assist?

To register as a new keeper of your Isuzu, please attend your nearest Isuzu Dealer with a copy of your V5 Registration document as proof of address. The dealer will be able to change your owner’s details on the Isuzu UK system and this will automatically generate a new Isuzu Assistance card for you if the vehicle is less than 36 months old. If you require a private registration change, please forward a copy of your V5 registration document showing the new registration to:

Allocation Department

Isuzu UK

The Gate

International Drive


B90 4WA


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