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11 AUG 2022


Sue finds D-Max a sandy Parkin spot

Have you ever wondered just how ‘off-road’ the Isuzu D-Max pickup range can go?

Well Sue Black, from Woolacombe beach team Parkin Estates, can prove it to you.

Having acquired an Isuzu Trooper in the turn of the century, it became impossible to ignore the Isuzu’s off-road performance even then, with the weight of Sue’s beach duties becoming much lighter as a result.

Fast forward twenty years and Sue had waved goodbye to the Trooper, finding herself partnered up with an Isuzu once again, this time thanks to local Isuzu dealer Devonshire Motors. The team at Parkin Estates received the D-Max pickup in August 2021 on a temporary basis, but after just a short time decided they needed one of their very own!


Working tirelessly on the beach, Sue and the team needed a robust, trustworthy pick-up with the ability to perform daily tasks across the sandy terrain. With the Award-Winning Isuzu D-Max being Smarter, Stronger, and Safer than ever, it was an easy decision for Parkin Estates. Regarding the pick-up’s renowned reliability, Sue commented: “I call it Ronseal as it does what it says on the tin!”



Through Devonshire Motors, Parkin Estates was able to purchase an Isuzu D-Max pickup, giving the vehicle a permanent spot on the beach with Sue and the team. With the addition of their new D-Max, Sue easily pulls food trucks on and off the sand thanks to the impressive 3.5 tonne towing capacity as well as the off-road capability, and she has no issues lugging equipment across the beach either.

With enough room to keep her furry companions comfy, it is no surprise that Sue and the team are so enthusiastic about the D-Max as it seamlessly meets their sandy needs.

Water Safety

Although the pickup can traverse the Woolacombe shoreline, the cold depths of the ocean are too big a challenge. Parkin Estates ensure to thoroughly emphasise the importance of water safety wherever they can, providing various resources containing advice and information on how to stay safe in and around water.