Close up of the Isuzu Utah Close up of the Isuzu D-Max


Who can I speak to for technical support?

In all cases your local Isuzu dealer is the best source for advice and parts supply. All our dealers are technical experts and will be able to assist you. Click here to find your nearest Isuzu dealer.

Can I use Bio-Diesel in my Isuzu?

No. Isuzu only recommend diesel that meets European standard EN590. Fuel that does not meet this standard can cause injector damage, oil dilution and on the D-Max with the Euro 5 engine it could cause DPF problems, oil dilution and frequent fuel filter issues.

What gear should I tow in?

As towing requirements and conditions can vary significantly there is no right or wrong answer although the recommendation is to choose a gear that maintains optimum torque while not compromising fuel economy. The gear selection should be made to keep the engine RPM between 1800rpm and 2500rpm, this way the engine is not ‘over revving’ but maintains peak torque output. When pulling away, do not over use or consistently slip the clutch.


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