Close up of the Isuzu Utah Close up of the Isuzu D-Max


Is my clutch wear covered under warranty?

A drive plate (also known as a clutch disc) has a friction material surface very similar to brake pads. These friction materials will wear under normal driving conditions and are considered a consumable item.

What Should I do if I have a warrantable concern?

To obtain warranty repairs, take the vehicle to an authorised Isuzu dealer within the warranty period, present suitable identification to verify and request the needed repairs or adjustments.

My warranty has expired but I would like to request some ‘Good Will’ from Isuzu UK.

In all circumstances you will need to present the vehicle to an Isuzu dealer with all supporting documentation such as service history and parts invoices if you have them. You will be required to authorise them to investigate the cause of your concern. If your claim for ‘good will’ is denied the cost of diagnosis and or repairs will be chargeable to you.


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